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What do you want it to do? I've stalked you! Your hair is gorgeous!

I need something that would help stop breakage and shedding. No matter what I do, I cant seem to stop it.
I'm using Henna, Aphogee 2 minute and moisture DTs to stop breakage/shedding. Also sealing my ends with oil nightly. (the Deity oil, Cocosta oil, Castor oil, etc) My hair is ultra fine and these things strengthen the strands so that they don't break as easily. I'm using the Deity system to fill in the gaps and help to grow in the thin areas.
I henna my hair about once every 6 weeks give or take and that has been helping. I wonder if I should do it more often. I started using ceramides for hair recently and I'm already noticing a difference. I also use Ion protein treatment as needed...

How often do you henna?
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