That im standing on the shampoo isle spending who knows how long looking at ing. in ALL the bottles
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Yeah, that's definitely one of the downfalls of CG - you go to the store for some snacks or deodorant or something and end up standing in the hair care isle for 40 minutes analyzing the ingredients in everything! My husband used to laugh at me about it, but just this weekend he's started talking about how he thinks his dandruff was caused by a new styler he's been using that's building up and irritating his scalp and how the peppermint in his shampoo might be making it worse, LOL!
Too wavy to be curly, too curly to be wavy
Fine (some exceptions may apply), low porosity (ditto), proudly rockin' my premature silver/white
More please: EVOO, honey
Nuh-uh: heavy oils and butters, ACV, soap bars, olefin sulfonate, protein

GVP CB, CJ BC Argan & Olive Oil, and CJ CIAB for the W1N!