If there are less than ten and you have dense hair, I'd just tweeze those rascals and keep going.

I'm 40 and they're gaining on me so my tweezing gig is wearing out. I went for a brown box color (Clairol) both for grey coverage and a change and I regret it.

My hair isn't falling or breaking horribly but it's not as nice as the virgin new growth and my hair pre-coloring. Requires extra moisture, conditioning sessions, more gentle handling.

I'm going to try henna+indigo to get back to(or near) my natural shade...as in one after the other like this

Mehandi.com shop - Use Indigo and henna to Dye Hair Jet Black, safely, naturally, with no allergic reactions!

(my hair is naturally black) in a few months. At least then I'll only have to deal with the grey+black instead of what I've got now: grey+black roots+reddish brown dyed hair.
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which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
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