I need this release. Haven't posted in this thread in awhile!

Lets seeeee...........

History: One of my friends gets a lot of attention from guys because she has **** and ass. She takes full advantage of it. She went to a play I was in recently and did this....

Sure, guys spend a lot of their time checking girls out. But ya know what, when they're ACTING IN A PLAY, they like to concentrate on THE PLAY AND THEIR LINES!!! Don't sit in the ****ing audience giving a guy in the play "sex eyes" because you want to distract him. That is not fair to him, that is not fair to everyone in the show, that is not fair to ME, being your friend, IN THE SHOW. You have all the time in the world to give guys "sex eyes". Are you that desperate for attention?

Don't tell me you think my friend is hot. Honestly, I may not have her body, but I have so much more to offer than she does. Oh wait, guys don't care about sense of humor. Its all **** and ass. I forgot about that!

History: I attract creepy homeless people at gas stations. Someone comes up to me asking for money at least every three times I go to a gas station, any gas station. No, being homeless doesn't make them creepy. Being creepy makes them creepy!!!

Don't come up to me at a gas station and ask me for money. Thats so evil. You know I'm in a vulnerable situation (being stuck at the pump for a few minutes). Don't take advantage of me. Don't come up to me and butter me up with gross compliments about my legs and then expect me to give you money. When I say I only have a debit card, don't accuse me of lying. Don't STAND THERE AND STARE after I already told you no.

I appreciate that you care about my back, but stop asking me about it EVERY TIME YOU SEE ME. My last surgery was two years ago. My back is fine now. You can come up with something else to ask me. I really don't want to talk about my crooked spine with you!!

Your mom was depressed. She was given shock treatments for depression. There is a huge history of depression in our family. So why didn't you beleive that I was severely depressed last year? Oh, I only had to drop all my classes in school. I must've just been lazy. You blame everything on my being lazy.

Don't question me having Tourette Syndrome. I'm not lying about it! Why would I lie? If I didn't have it would I really want people to think I did?? Not everyone with Tourettes swears uncontrollably.

We hang out ALL THE TIME. We kiss eachother and we cuddle. You even made a comment that we are practically dating. So why don't we just date? Do you have ANY CLUE that I am interested in you?? How can you not notice? Why are you thinking of asking that one girl out on a date (especially when you have doubts about her) when theres something great right in front of you, or laying next to you in bed!!! You tell me I'm cute and funny and blah blah blah. Whats stopping you? You got offended when I told you that I've never noticed you hitting on me. ARE YOU INTERESTED OR WHAT??? Please, please, if you aren't, don't continue to lead me on by giving me good bye kisses and rubbing my face and cuddling with me and doing that cute chin rub thing that they do in movies. I don't want to get hurt again.