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My crappy 12 hour a week job really wants me gone, and they're being so passive aggressive about it.
They give me terrible shifts: closing on Thursday and Friday, which means I won't be home until almost ten because I drive like an hour to get there. Which seems ridiculous for a retail job. I'm spending more on gas than I'm making.

They (and by 'they' I mean the managers and the owner) are like, "have you found another job yet? How's the job hunt going? Everyone had to take hour cuts when the other store closed and we're trying to give you hours but it's hard..."

And everyone from the other store (myself included) transferred to this one and because I'm the most recent hire (I started in April), their loyalty is limited.

I almost wish they'd grow a pair and fire me. I hate being there while they make me feel guilty for "taking hours." Blaah.

I wish I knew people who knew people.

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when will your favs?

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