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From Short To Long: Ceramides

This link gives you a good idea of what ceramides is and what it does for your hair. I use mostly oil ones such as sunflower oil, hemp seed oil and kukui oil for now though I do want to get back into use Aubrey Organic conditioners once I get through my current stash.

What is sink peptide and where do you get yours?
I buy mine from FNWL. Silk Peptide Powder - FNWL
I use the silk peptide to boost my moisture content in my hair conditioners. Thanks for the link. I'll be reading it tonight.
Thanks for the info on silk peptides! I will look up information on how to use it.

I have a silly question but how do you make your pony puff in your pic? I want a full one without having to use a scrunchie if possible. TIA!!
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