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Default tresemme curl line

So I recently began the CG method probably about 2 weeks ago. I bought what I could find at the time at my local grocery store which was an oily like spray and a gel. I was very unhappy with the products and the results and went in search of something new yesterday. I decided to try the Tresemme curl line. I bought the curl hydration lotion creme as a leave in and the flawless curls mousse. I really prefer mousse to gel. From what I can tell, both of these are CG friendly. The creme does have a PEG cone in it but I am under the impression that that should be fine. Besides cones though, is there anything else I should be staying away from? My curls look great with these products! I don't feel up to typing out the full ingredients lists. I searched for them online but found that what was posted online is not exactly what is on my products. Any other CG followers use these products?
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