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I buy mine from FNWL. Silk Peptide Powder - FNWL
I use the silk peptide to boost my moisture content in my hair conditioners. Thanks for the link. I'll be reading it tonight.
Thanks for the info on silk peptides! I will look up information on how to use it.

I have a silly question but how do you make your pony puff in your pic? I want a full one without having to use a scrunchie if possible. TIA!!
This was a WnG that I used coconut oil to slick my hair back with (not my favorite oil to use solo). I think I also used aloe vera gel, but not sure which brand. I wanted the "poof" so I didn't use heavy creams, butters or gels. I held it back with a Goody Ouchless Ponytail Holder. My hair was mostly dry so I can only put it around my hair once (no twisting). HTH

Now-a-days I use a stretched out headband to secure my hair.
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