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Ok, so I'm on another website, which shall remain nameless, and I respond to a post by describing my hair type as 4A. How about when I submitted my response, the website automatically changed 4A to nappy. Ok...? On this same website I've noticed that when people talk about relaxers and perms, the words are always spelled weird, like p.erm for instance. Now, I understand that the website wants to keep the discussions about natural hair, but to censor a post that describes a hair types is, in my opinion, going a little overboard. What are your thoughts?
It sounds like a raw foods website I've visited where the moderators freak out if you mention meat. This website also does the same thing in some regards but I won't go there. Personally I think it's retarded.

Besides, that's why I stopped frequenting raw food websites as well.
Oh god. they exist?!

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