I don't get asked if I'm mixed but I do get people asking me frequently if I'm Indian or from India.

My family and I are temporarily living in an apartment complex with a large population of Asian Indians and I get asked this all the time. Also whenever I go to the Indian Supermarket for my henna I get asked this by Asian Indian customers and even the owner asked once.

My kinky coily hair is braided in individual braids and the braids are pulled back into a covered bun 99% of the time. Maybe the bun is why? Because many Asian Indian women pull their hair back a great deal of the time?

But my hair is absent the long, trailing beautiful braid that is typically found with pulled back Indian hair. I don't have that. Yet. But I'll get there eventually. Then when my hair is heat straightened and pulled back I might be able to understand the question a little? (Maybe not...). It's usually older Asian Indians too that pose this question.

I joke with my husband that my hair twin must be running around India somewhere and these people approaching me have met her. Maybe one day I will too.
Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense