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I forgot to mention that there was no wait (although the poor woman after me had to wait because my appointment ran over) and I paid a total of $110, $75 for the wash, etc., and style and $35 for the additional hour it took her to detangle my hair. Which leads me to something else I forgot to say in my earlier post. When I got there my hair was damp because I ran water on it in the sower before I left. I didn't put anything else in it because I didn't know if I should. She told me that I should never just wet it with water and go because it makes my hair draw up and it's harder to detangle. She also told me that my hair was resistant to being combed out (she paused before she said the word "resistant" and I later found out that it was because she was searching for a word that wouldn't come across in a negative way). I asked what would make it resitant and she said because I only wear it curly and had never trimmed my ends (the last time scissors touched my hair was when I bc'ed last July). Basically, I've trained my hair to be curly so it resists being straightened! She said that if I continue to twist it, it will get easier to comb through. I've read many blogs whre peple say that it's not necessary to trim your ends as long as they're healthy, but Barbara said you should trim every 3 months. And this leads me to my next thread......

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