Hey everyone

Well it's been a long battle with my curly hair. Ever since puberty hit my 2b (I think) curls decided to turn into 3b curls. Because it was just a dramatic change I never knew how to control it so I wore my hair up most of my school years. I'd put so much gel to keep it slicked back my hair felt like a rock *shudders*

Anyway, during my long curl battle journey I finally had my hair relaxed when i was a senior in high school. I just could not believe how smooth that made my hair! Quite shocking as I could never get it straight before. So I was pretty happy for a while, but straightening is so time consuming and I was always terrified of sweating because I didn't want to ruin it. But alas..I live on the surface of the sun (Arizona.)

Anyway, here are a few pics of that journey! I actually don't remember the last time I had my hair relaxed...but it might possibly be since Nov/Dec of 2009.

Here I am with my big ol curls as a baby..(click to make larger )

And then...Bam! 3b curls!

Then I had a relaxer put in (I just love red hair! I miss it!)

And present:

I believe my curls are still going to get tighter as time goes on as I continue with the CG method (modified however). I'm kinda considering getting an inverted bob (but not too short) but I'm a bit afraid lol. I'll make up my mind eventually.

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