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Hi new to this..i havent relaxed for a few years now..before when I used to relax,my hair used to get sooo brittle and peices of my hair would fall out all the time..ive always had thick strong hair but the last time I had relaxed, was the end for hair was sooo disgusting..overtime my new growth came in and I had 2 deal with sooooo many hair textures at once..but now my hair is almost 100% all natural..i still have a few strands that have like a few inches of relaxed ends but its nothing a trim can't handle..but my problem now is shrinkage..what can I do about it? My shrinkage is soooo bad that its overwhelming..also..the next morning when I wake up, my hair is so lifeless..but soft at the same time..what can I do about this?..i currently dont do any deep treatments but I am going 2 try the acv rinse..the only thing I use on my hair is pantenes dry 2 moisturized curly hair series conditioner..nothing else seems 2 b better for my hair..but my hair does feel soo healthy hair in the comb..nothing!..going natural has been the best decision ive made in my I just need 2 no how 2 tame these curls

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