hmmm. I think I can get away with the emollients because I use a lot of protein lately. Since your hair feels strawy - I would give it a shot. As long as you DT after, it won't hurt.

Also - I don't leave a lot of the emollients in. If you are using AOMM, KCCC, and lustrasilk as LI/stylers - it might just be too much for your hair. I use Giovanni Direct leave in which is fairly light and seal in the moisture with a dab or two of John Masters Organics pomade and rake in a little gel. So just 1 emollient is left in the hair.

No - I haven't tried a curl enhancer yet. I have a pretty strong curl pattern so I didn't really need it. Plus almost all the ones I've seen have humectants and since my hair acts like high porosity - humectants don't work for me in high or low dews. And the summer dew here are around 70.

As soon as the weather gets less humid I do want to try one though. Do you like KCCC?
3B curls
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