People have asked me if I'm Arab but as far as I know, I'm 100% southern Asian descent, so Indian and Pakistani. I asked my dad why people think I'm Arab, and he said probably because I have lighter skin than some Indians and I've got 3b curly hair and hazel eyes and my nose isn't straight. It's got a little bump. I think that's attributed to more north Indian/pakistani and Kashmiri but I've been asked if I'm Arab. And I think I've gotten the "what are you?" only once by a really rude girl in gym. I was a freshman when I was asked that so I just answered it lol.
3B,thick,medium/coarse,high porosity(i think),low elasticity
CG since: 4/17/11
cowash: tresseme naturals moisture or smooth
rinse out: GFTN
leave in: a little bit of my rinse out
Stylers (gels): (if I feel like it) LALSG or Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel
*Currently need: a good deep conditioning treament for my DRYDRYDRY hair- if you can suggest any good (cheapie) DTs, I would really appreciate it!