I use PSF's Castille cleanser for my face.

The deodorant is Lafes and it works wonderfully. It's their spray one, though lately I've been using their roll-on (liquid, not gel or bar) and then a couple of spritzes of the spray to boost it and allow me to go longer without re-applying. The spray is great by itself, but I like the added protection I get from using the roll-on first. Like I've said before, this stuff holds even after working in 100+-degree hot lines for at least eight hours (though I try to re-apply once in the middle of that).
I found it after trying a few others that didn't work after I made the switch from regular deodorants and anti-perspirants. The huge black bruise-like spot I got that was crawling towards my breast scared me away from that stuff for good.

I do think you have to be okay with sweating though. Some people get so used to anti-perspirant, which basically doesn't allow those pores to breathe.
After a long walk on a hot day, I often smell like sweat, but it's not the same as BO. I can't smell any BO, just clean sweat. It seems people often mistake one for the other.

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