The times I most felt like a wavy imposter is the two times I had the audacity to go for a "curly do". I once went for just a curly style (wash and diffuse with product) at a curly salon in Toronto (forget the name). While there I bought a bunch of Deva products. I just wanted to know if my frizz could translate to curl. Not very well.

The second time I went was for a trim at Johnathan Torch (also in Toronto). He's the Curl Keeper guy. My hair looked FABULOUS when done...but I was just so uncomfortable with my weak wave pattern in the middle of all these women with like type 4 curls. Such a poseur! I haven't gone back.

That, and I used to regularly see someone in Toronto for my hair and I really didn't want to go down that road again. It's a 4hour train ride to go to the salon.

My siggie says I don't care if my hair is straight or curly...but that's not REALLY true. I'd like it if I didn't feel like such an imposter pretending to have curly hair when I shop for products or join a discussion (or even wear it wavy). Truly straight or, definitely curly would be preferable from that standpoint.
2a(?)/F/ii (Fia).
New to having waves. Don't care if it's curly or not but this surface frizz drives me NUTS.
Baby Fine. On the thin side of average. Low porosity.
Atopic dermatitis/eczema. Too many allergies and sensitivities to count.