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Originally Posted by anneleisa View Post

Short hair is the best proof you'll ever have to show people just how confident in yourself you are though. i've been getting so many people say "oh my god you look amazing, but i could never do that"
it's all about you, and it reminds people that. you don't need to hide behind hair for beauty.
Loving your cut & what you say is so true! I had mine cut 2 weeks ago & now have similar length to you, a bit curlier though, it has really given me a lift & a new more confident attitude. I am also enjoying trying new styles of earrings (now you can actually see them) & its even made me re-think my wardrobe a bit. Oh & a few people have told me I look younger which is always a bonus!

Wavie - love that cut too & like you I put this off for ages when I know short hair suits me better but was scared to let go of my tresses!

Free at last!!!
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