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Originally Posted by SpaghettiHead View Post

Solidgold: did you invest in the entire program? ($150)? That seems like a lot of money...but the way you describe the eating is exactly what I'm doing now...except I only maintain, not lose...hence the question about counting calories too...need something to get the ball rolling.

I'm interested in this...just don't know if buying the entire schpeel is necessary???
Nope, I just bought the cookbook (Gourmet Nutrition) on Amazon. I did buy the supplements he recommended, and a Magic Bullet to make smoothies in the mornings, but those were not required. His free website ( has lots of good articles and information. Try searching there to get beyond your plateau!

Try for counting calories. It's very intuitive and easy to use. I liked its interface much better than WW or sparkpeople.

Good luck!
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