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Hi Jaclyn, CG can take a while to get used to and everything that the OP wrote are questions that you'll be asking yourself throughout. It's important to determine your hair properties. This will really help you figure out whether or not you need protein or what type of styler to use and so forth.
One thing thats really simple and may help get rid of some frizz may be to use a brush. I also have 3b thick hair. I tried finger combing/ detangling in the beginning and it just wasn't working for me. I need to smooth my hair out so I gently use a denman type brush to smooth in sections. I do this with my LI on already so it makes it a lot easier to do and it distributes it evenly. I think the whole finger combing is to promote treating your hair gently, not snagging on knots or brushing when dry...
Try that.... Hope that eleviates some of the problemo...
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