I have to wet my hair every day that I want to wear it down, because that was day 1 of a wash and go. Multiple day hair only exists in my life if I wear it up, partially up, or braided. It's extremely frustrating. And it's never helped that, because I'm white, people make Jew fro jokes. All the damn time. It absolutely kills me.

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Originally Posted by rolltidegal
This is my first post on this forum but I had to say something about this post. Anyone that makes ignorant jokes like this should be disregarded. Sometimes you have to put people in a box, compartmentalize them in your mind. If you let these comments bother you then they win. Truth is, they're most likely jealous of your full, beautiful mane and secretly wish they could get their (thin, plain, balding, nonexistent---insert any other adjective) hair to "do that."
When you're 50 with a head full of hair and those people have visible bald patches or are using hair pieces to make their hair thicker, you'll know what I mean. Girl, white, black or whatever you have gorgeous hair. I love it!
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