. Is this a charateristic of tighter curled, thicker, kinkier hair?
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I think so.

Even when my hair was 14 inches long the majority of my hair grew up and out - I love it

The majority of my hair is made up of cottony coils but the hair at the back of my hair is more silky and it has a larger s shaped curl pattern. Those curls grow down and hang low.

Now, when I blow dry my hair out, boy it's it 3X longer than what it is if I wash it and twist it, & I definitely hangs low.
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Have you tried twisting your hair when it's damp and then stretching it out before it dries? I find that my hair retains more moisture this way. It also looks shinier and feels smoother because the cuticles are flattened. I get the best results when I stretch my twists using duck bill clips.