I love, repeat- LOVE crazy hair colors. So does my boyfriend. If my job didn't require me to have a natural hair color, I wouldn't. I would say go for it. That being said, remember any kind of unnatural styling technique comes with some kind of risk. Keep a close eye, lots of DT's and regular PT's, create as little tension as possible (ie. tight pony tails, hard elastic ties, regular blow outs/straightening) and I think you'll be fine. Hope that helps

Please post pictures!!
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Sounds like you had fun with your hair : ) I haven't done any protein treatments before so I have to do some research but I am deep conditioning right now with olive oil, honey and my really moisturizing conditioner and I think I'll be doing that once a week. I also never straighten so that's nothing to worry about. I'll definitely be sure to post pictures down the road! Thank you for your input ^_^