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OK, so I've just read the whole thread - have been looking for a decent concealer for ages and had a MUA at Bobbi Brown try the creamer concealer/powder combo on me last week. I thought the Bobbi brown concealer was pretty good - quite creamy and decent enough coverage (although it did settle in the creases a little) but I was told the powder was needed over to keep it in place (and there's the rub for me - I have dry skin and NEVER use powder as it is just too awful on me!) Have just taken a look at the Edward Bess line - had never heard of him before. What a gorgeous young chap! lol! So, after discovering a UK site that now stocks Edward Bess (Zuneta) have just ordered the Platinum Concealer in soft beige and, to get free delivery, a lipstick in Eternal Passion! Sight unseeen - which I would never normally do! I tend to not only try everything first but insist on samples too (have spent a fortune on stuff that does not work out for me!) The bloody internet is just too damned easy! Will post up my thoughts on the concealer when I've tried - really hoping it works out!
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