I'm still loving the Edward Bess for under eyes but I ***think*** it's making me break out in other areas. I don't know for sure so I'm going to only use it under my eyes for the next couple weeks and see if the breakout issue goes away. Then I'll try again to see if the Bess is making me breakout, if it's a hormonal thing or if it's just a coincidence.
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Medium/high porosity; color treated; medium density; medium; 2c/3a; chin length.
Daily co-wash & Leave-In = Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple conditioner.
Every other day protein conditioner (before leave-in) = Aubrey Organics GBP conditioner.
Styling (high dew point) = Aussie Instant Freeze Gel; (low dew point) = SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie.