Mine isn't as bad as some peoples, but basically my mom had taken me to this really nice salon, hoping they could do something with it because my hair had looked the same for ages and was really frizzy. So i asked the lady for layers, because my hair was getting triangular, and she told me no- i would look like a lion. of course i was insulted, but it only got worse, other stylists kept coming over and saying " oh your hair is so beautiful and curly, you should get it relaxed!" contradictory much? and then she had the nerve to tell me that since i was going into high school i would want my hair straight (this was the summer after my 8th grade year)- i told her no and hoped that it would be over soon and still look okay. When she was done she asked to straighten it and i told her no- and it was horrifying- she had done the opposite of what i wanted and it was way too short and stacked, so it was more triangular than before! my mom had to try to fix it afterwards and i ended up having ridiculous bangs and she cut my hair for a little while after that before i finally found someone who does it right and i always ended up hating her after. Overall, it was a pretty crappy experience and i really just wanted to take their complimentary cranberry juice and dump it all over their straightened hair. Now I get my hair done by someone with curly hair who has kids with curly hair and they actually know what they're doing