Thanks Jaynee.

I went on BC at 18 for contraceptive purposes. My cycles started on or about the 20th of every month. I never tracked because it wasn't terribly important to me (like it is now!), but I do know it was the 20th, so my cycles were likely 29-31 days. I am just hoping they return to that quickly.
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How important is it to you to know exactly when you conceive? (To me, that's very important as it can really help with issues that may arise re: the timing of your pregnancy - to know when you are actually full-term, post-dates etc. and to not have issues with ultrasounds and measurements being wrong.) I say that because you could ovulate at any time and then only find out you are pregnant later, so I'd probably use a barrier method until I get a period so I can chart - in fact I'd even advise charting a cycle or two first if you're not in a rush before actually consciously trying.
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I would like to know when I conceive, but it isn't something I've considered in terms of the issues you raise. I will think about that though.

I'm not in a rush, but I wouldn't be upset if it happened sooner rather than later. I've looked into BBT and CM charting and Ovulation predictor kits. I think I will probably try one or the other once my period starts.

I used to get ovulation pains before I went on BC, so I suspect I will get them again, which is good for this whole process as well.
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I only starting charting my temps after I missed my period. I generally run a very low temp and I knew I was ovulating the day my ex and I had sex bc of CM. I even told him 'hey I'm ovulating" and he said yea right. Lol. He was proven wrong when my period was late and a week later I showed him the positive test.

I took temps for a week straight from the first day of my missed period and they were all high but I knew I was pregnant bc of the CM I experienced that day. As far as when I got pregnant, it was exactly 3months after I was off birth control. My periods were never normal except for when I was on BC but I also never had ovulation pains on BC so when I got off I knew my periods were back to what they originally were when I started experiencing those pains again.

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