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Originally Posted by YaniraNaturally View Post
I think you need to give it some more time. I'm almost 17 months post and I'm still not 100% positive about my texture. I think that I'm a 4a/3c mix but I could also be all 4a. . .
yeah im 10 months post and i think im a 3c 4a but u shud really do maybe a long term protective style, since i'm going to 7th grade protective styles is the best thing for me right now, i'm planning on doing twists next week if not i will do braid out puffs but since i go without flat ironing for long periods at a time it helps me retain length, i haven't flat ironed in 3 months, and since then my hair has grown lots ! my i actually think my hair is 3b-3c-4a but i wont be able to tell until i big chop, i would try flat iron "benging" it helps lots, i've retained so much length since then, when i did my first transition, i cut my hair bob style and it was a little above my shoulders, i always flat ironed, and it grew maybe an inch i got it cut in july and i got it cut again in november, this time i didnt flat iron as often and its grown 4 inches so i recommend flat iron benging
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