I'm surprised I didn't post this here (well I didn't see it if I did at least) :

I took the first of my certification exams. It was a written exam with 135 questions. I had 3 hours to take the test. I needed to pass with an 80% or higher. I finished the test in 45 minutes and got two wrong. I got a 98%!!!!

I hestitated taking this test for like 3 years for fear. Little did I know that I am WAY too strict on myself!!!!

So now I have to wait for CA to pass its budget so that the oral exams can be scheduled and I can take and pass THAT test with flying colors. And then I will be changing careers!

ETA: I took the exam the day before my oral surgery. I was in some serious pain. Thankfully the Advil didn't interfere with my brain.

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