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Originally Posted by xcptnl View Post
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OMG, me too, Iím a meatball fanatic!
I just made a new recipe from Roman-Style Meatballs with Gnocchi Alla Romana. It was simply out of this world.
The basic are prosciutto, beef, pork. I will defiantly make them again.
That was the one I was referencing above!! Now I cannot wait to try it.
I rather use whatever leftover ingredients I already had on hand so instead of milk, I used buttermilk (left over from a recipe last week).

The prosciutto I had sliced directly from my butcher as it makes a big difference.

I also baked them instead of frying and I made my own pot of red sauce (made fresh from garden tomatoes) and set the meatballs in it after they were done baking.

I LOVE Williams-Sonoma recipes - never once was I unhappy with the way anything turned out. Probably like you, when that catalog arrives - seeing the recipes in pictures gets me every time.

Let me know what you think after you make them.

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