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"Sam, would you like to borrow my straightener?"
"Don't ever use a normal comb in her hair again! From now on, use a metal one!" <--said by hair salon owner (didn't really like the one asked the guy working on my hair to attempt combing the whole full thing (or huge bits of it) with a small toothed comb or with any comb for that matter, with as much as he tried combing...the comb broke in my hair x_X)
"Pineapple head," <--said by school bully in sixth grade.
"You should like totally get your hair relaxed like you used to."
"Suure your hair's curly..." <--- I mentioned that my hair's naturally curly, I had gotten it relaxed and like that's just the first thing before a rude comment and I was like, "MY HAIR'S BEEN RELAXED! BUT MY NATURAL HAIR IS CURLY!!" By the way, I quit relaxing my hair and I'm like 8 months in now.
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