I'm growing out my pixie, so it's pixie-ish now but still really short. Does anyone use a pomade to SOTC with their long-ish pixie? Since my hair is so short, the wave just kinda sit on the top of my head until I SOTC but then the waves fall flat. Any suggestions?
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I'm liking the Aveda anti-humectant, you only need a really tiny amount to get rid of the crunch & it keeps frizzies at bay. Don't know if it's CG or not though.
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Low poo: Dr Organic, L'Oreal Everpure.
Conditioner: Dr Organic Argan Oil, Boots Coconut & Almond.
Leave In: Dr Organic, Boots,.
Gel: JF Frizz Ease, Umberto Gianni.