In the pouring rain just now my grocery bag split and everything fell out. Two homeless guys rushed over. I asked could they please watch everything while I got other bags and they said yes.

I got more bags and came back out in the downpour. The two homeless guys had stood guard in the rain over all my groceries, and helped me repack them. I gave them each a dollar and wished I had more to give them, even though they kept saying I didn't have to give them anything. This unexpected goodness in people makes me so happy!
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Thanks for that lovely story!
I work next door to a soup kitchen and over the years I've come to 'know' many of the regulars. I see my favorites 'Dennis and Beverly' all over town and they are just a nice sweet couple (they aren't homeless, but destitute and have some mental issues). Dennis isn't someone you'd want to hug necessarily but I accept his big bear hugs when I see him. I think they are just happy to have someone talk to them and treat them like everyone else.
One day it was pouring down rain and I offered them a ride and they refused because they didn't want to get my seats wet. I could not convince them it didn't matter. I still feel bad about it.

If it stops raining tomorrow I'm going to pick apples with my dad. Not really a happy thing for me since he annoys me so much, but it makes him happy.
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