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Originally Posted by Fmasuhr View Post
Originally Posted by sld12day View Post
All my life, I've heard crap like:

"Is that a wig?" (It is not)
"Is that your REAL hair?" (It is)
"It must take you a really long time to do your hair every day!" (It does not)
"That's some seriously big hair" (It's curly, I can't help the volume!)

People are such jerks.
yea i no how that feels, im just 18 and my whole life i got that as well,
"how th hell do you get all that up? i would just cut it off!" (i used to always wear my hair in a pony tail
"why dont you just straighten it? it'll be alot easier"
"it must take you ages to straighten it"
"you should shave it all off, then maybe it'll grow straight again"
"it looks like straw!"
took me ages to to like my hair n accept it...... only when i discovered this site, earlyer this year i started looking after my hair n seeing its true beauty

Looks like STRAW???
WTH? Straw is straight and dry and yellow, like a girl who dyed blond and straightened it repeatedly until it got fried. That one makes no sense!

Omg these comments REALLY!

Girl your hair is FABU!!!
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