I've struggled with the same issue. How “wet” is acceptable?

While in college, I often had early morning classes (as in, 7am early). If the class were just a PE class, I had no problem going with fairly wet (usually towel scrunched) hair. The hour-long class in a hot gym, or walking/running all over the city helped it dry before my next class. I mean, I'm showing up in sweats and no makeup as it is. . .so how much worse is wet hair?

However, if I had an actual sit-down-and-take-notes lecture or lab, I'd make a point of showing up with nothing worse than damp hair. I viewed the effort I put in to my appearance as a way I could show respect for my instructors.

Now I work in a corporate environment—albeit in a position that doesn’t have “much” interaction with the general public, and I take the same approach as with the lecture classes. Even though I rarely see the public—so in a sense, what I look like doesn’t matter—I want to show my employer that I take my job seriously, and respect the company.

I start work at 7am. Getting up at 4:30am just so I’d have time to diffuse my curls got old real fast. I started styling my hair the night before, and sleeping with it plopped and clipped at the roots. When I take out the plop in the morning, my hair is still slightly damp, but dry enough to hold the style, and dry enough to be business “acceptable.” If I’m concerned about it being too “wet” looking, I diffuse a bit more, or blast the heater on my drive to the office.

Have I gone to work with my hair half-dry? Yes. Do I like doing it? No.

I think “wet/half-dry” hair can be considered “unprofessional because it signifies:

a) Lack of planning and preparation (“obviously” so-and-so didn’t plan ahead enough)
b) Lack of concern for personal appearance
c) Lack of respect for the employer/company/company values (note: as an employee, you represent the company to the rest of the world, so how you dress/style your hair reflects on the company too).

Ultimately, the degree of hair wetness acceptable in public really depends on the environment one is in, one’s position in that environment, and the “unwritten rules” that govern the environment.
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