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Originally Posted by Starmie View Post
Wish I was brave enough to post pics (have to learn how first!) as I think I need help with everything. Never been good with make-up and now I'm getting on a bit I think I need to get good with it!
PM me a pic and your questions if you like!

Originally Posted by nynaeve77 View Post
Originally Posted by sew and sew View Post
Can you recommend a good brow powder for ashy dark brown brows? I've been finding that what's offered for brunettes is too light, and what's offered for black hair is definitely too dark.
Obviously not Phoenix, but I use the Maybelline brow powder in dark brown. It's the perfect shade and my eyebrows are pretty dark.
lol, this is what I was going to rec!

Also Ardell Brow Palette in Medium Brown, and Ben Nye pressed e/s powder in Twilight Sable. Ardell is sold in Sally's and other places. But Ben Nye is mainly sold only or in makeup/theatre supply shops.

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