We finally got to do some dishes today:

Cheese plate (Cayuga blue, cremeux de Bourgogne, Grand Bu di bufala, and the one with the orange rind is a Taleggio-like cheese that ends with d'Argental, but I can't remember the rest; cranberry cardamom compote, smoked red sea salt, candied walnuts, honeycomb, housemade brioche)

Mixed green salad:

Mac n' cheese, which I think has a jalapeņo cheese sauce and is topped with deep fried pulled pork. Yes, we make pulled pork, make barbecue sauce, toss them together, then we bread and deep fry it to top some mac.

This is kind of a spinach and artichoke pizza. We make spinach and artichoke dip with smoked mozzarella, which takes hours to make because it involves a cream reduction that takes hours, spread on the base, top with spinach and pine nuts (which have been deep fried)

Bacon explosion salad. Heh, not really, but it's what it should be called. Sunchoke puree, a square of one of our housemade bacons, hidden under escarole dressed in bacon vinaigrette (made with bacon fat and loaded with teeny tiny chunks of bacon --- it took me hours on my trail to mince two cases of bacon for it, so much that I only managed one case), hard-cooked quail egg on top:

Three dips (baba ghanouj, tapenade, and hummus):

Roast beef sliders (housemade rye buns, horseradish creme fraiche, caramelized onions, rosemary and garlic roast beef, Swiss)

Pan-seared silken tofu, miso-glazed eggplant, Merken oil, lotus root chips (spent hours frying a full tub this morning), Shiso (but we subbed basil for now)

Just one dessert today:
Chocolate pudding, espresso caramel, peanut powder, charred orange, thyme foam

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