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Originally Posted by wavyone View Post
I'm not sure whether I am protein sensitive or not, but am starting to investigate this, because my hair did NOT care for CJ Repair Me, and I had heard that it would be a rather moisturizing PT.

My hair hates Deva AnGell!!! WIth a passion. Not seeing any major issues with the No Poo or One C yet.
I'm surprised you haven't had trouble with the one C. All deva product with the exception of HIH, mirror curls, and the frizz free foam have protein. Either wheat, hops, soy or all of the above. I'm finding that I am protein sensitive and my hair hates them even from the beginning. I can't even use LA LOOKS because of the Keratin.

Wheat, soy, silk, Keratin, and hops all leave my hair feeling crunchy and straw like

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