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Originally Posted by CurlyQ82 View Post
I dont really understand this post but as a "white" american with full Italian descent, I can definitely tell u plenty of caucasians have curly hair! I'm 3a/b and plenty of other Italians have curls...I actually get offended at times when people tell me my hair looks better straight than curly as well even though they may not mean it as an i see the frustration but def don't see it as a black vs white thing at this point...millions of white women have wavy/curly hair...there is just a notion that curly hair is not as sleek and kempt and professional which is bs...maybe it did originate from some racist stuff but right now I think it's just one of those "everyone should look this way" fads still...just like everyone has to be stick thin like those in hollywood...i say we keep rockiing our curls/waves naturally until people accept and love it! LoL Just my 2 cents...
I agree!

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