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Yay CurlyPearl!

Had chat with dad - we've agreed Im to focus on my art work but still keep applying for part time jobs - but not just any crappy ones, ones that will look good on my CV and help with adding more skills etc. Mums agreed to back off and stop nagging me to apply for every little ****ty job (that she herself wont apply for) which is good.

25% of 16-25 year olds are out of work. Its a scary world.
I'm so glad you have your dad, kat. He seems like a great guy.
Yeah. We are close. I love him to bits.

Jobs come up a lot in this house (he often rants about the government) and I said I was sorry for being a failure - cause to be honest I have felt like that, given my age and situation, and he sat me down and told me on no account was I a failure and to never think that about myself and that he's proud of me, which prompted the talk about what to do next/what I really want to be doing etc.
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