Maaan...this is sounding more and more like that Criminal Minds episode. The older brother was jealous of the younger one, and the younger one broke his model he stuffed airplane parts down his throat and choked him to death. So the parents didn't want to lose both of their children, so they said that the younger son was kidnapped during the night by a pedophile that the police had already been looking for.
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I saw one the other night where the parents were at a neighbors house and left the teenager to watch the baby and a toddler. He got busy on the phone talking to his girlfriend and the toddler suffocated the baby trying to play with it.

The parents came home and staged a kidnapping so the toddler wouldn't go through life with the stigma of having killed his baby brother.
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SEE exactly! It's not even always malicious - it's just that the parents don't want someone to get in trouble or cause more hurt. I really think something is amiss here...and there's always like, some "mysterious" person that was lurking beforehand that's just dropped off the face of the Earth. A homeless man sauntering around with a baby and NO ONE would notice/report this? gtfoh...