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Originally Posted by SegB View Post
One question for you gel-users...How do you apply it? Are you raking then scrunching, or just scrunching? Do you put the gel in soaking wet hair or blot first?
I have found that raking is the only way I get good coverage at the crown, which reduces frizz. So I put in my LI, throw a couple of handfuls of cool water at my head to get it a little drippy, then rake in my gel or gel/styler combo, whatever I'm using, standing right side up. I use a squirt for the crown/back and a squirt for each side. Then I flip upside down and use a squirt for the underside of my hair. While I'm still hanging upside down, I run my fingers through so my hair is all pointing downward, then scrunch to get the curls going. HTH!
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