So I read through all of the replies on this thread, but still need help.

My entire life I NEVER had a problem with dandruff, flakiness or dry scalp. Ever.
I have been doing CG Method for about a year now, and I just started experiencing what I assume is dry scalp/flakiness a few months ago. No itching, just insane amounts of flakes.

I only co-wash twice a week and don't think I can reduce it any more than that. I rinse thoroughly. I want to blame the weather... but even if that is the culprit, I don't know if I can deal with this each winter. It's EXCESSIVE! I've been sooo close to shampooing too many times this winter.

...any suggestions?
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well i no a few natural things that might help ive tried a few things, i dont have any problems but i still do it cause when you keep a healthy scalp then you will have nice thick healthy regrowth.
herbs that can help: rosemary and ginger this can be in an oil, or as a rinse.
marshmallow root: is meant to help with dry ichy scalp and dandruff, it also gives a really nice shine and amazing slip. i use this quiet a bit.
Stinging nettle: ive just started using this as a growth stimulator, but ive been researching that its meant to help with scalp problems. there are many shampoos round that have it in, im thinking bout getting a sulfate + cone free nettle poo.
oils: argan and tea tree, really effective mixed together and messaged in the scalp, i do this to my bf's hair for his dandruff.
i have used all of these things, i dont have any scalp issues, i didnt before i started using it, but all of these are great growth stimulator, many natural things have a few benefits.
i would really be trying same of these, im pretty sure that it'll help clear that all up

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