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Do a search in the NC search bar for thinning, shedding, losing hair, curly girl, conditioner, scalp, whatever combination of those words you like. See how many threads you get with women asking this same question because they're having the same experience and wondering if the cause is their curly girl regimen. I'm not saying it is or isn't, but if people are asking, it can't be for no reason...

For what it's worth, I've lost a lot of hair since trying to go curly girl in january too. enough to the point that the thought of it makes me sick. my hair is important to me.

Go with your instincts, not what other people tell you. curly girl doesn't take into account that everyone's scalp is different. just like everyone can't use scented body wash because some people get rashes and allergic reactions, not everyone can use the same methods to clean their scalp. Some people's follicles get clogged really easily, whereas I've seen other people wash their hair once a month and it's thick and thriving. Curly girl is not for everyone. NOTHING works for EVERYONE.
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