Well my appointment was.. okay.

The salon was very nice but I found my hairdresser a bit rude and stern with me, kind of like she didn't really want to be there or she didn't want to cut my hair.. I think next time I will ask for someone else as others were friendlier than my stylist ..

She put cones in my hair and alas now my hair is all poofy and strange.. my stylist was kind of shocked when I told her that I use natural oils, like pure coconut oil, in my hair and recommended I use Moroccan oil, which was full of cones and stuff but I declined the offer of the products they offered to sell me.

The experience would have been nicer if I think I had a different stylist .. the other girls were very friendly, not sure what was wrong with mine..

I think I will go again, but not in the near future .. perhaps next year sometime when I NEED a trim..

They also gave me sample products and discounts as I was a first time customer so it was a pleasant visit but could have been better.
"2 Something ATM"
Coarse, Medium- Thick, Normal Porosity

My Routine
Low 'Poo: curash soothing oatmeal conditioning shampoo
RO: tresemme naturals moisturising conditioner
LI: tresemme naturals/kinky curly knot today
Seal: mix of shea butter/coconut oil

waist length hair & finding a sexual cheapo leave in conditioner for both me and my daughter