As far as the rest of the thread goes, I have dry scalp/sebhorreic dermatitis, and someone recommended jojoba oil here on the boards. It's awesome! I put a little on my fingers and apply it to my scalp in the hairline. It's really helping with the dryness and flaking.
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I have had seborrheic dermatitis since I was about 7 only in my scalp. It does not appear to be hygiene related and I have trouble linking it to weather or stress, either. I refuse to use a medicated shampoo (I don't 'poo at all!) or any prescription drugs. For now I am trying to control it by using natural products, no sulfates, and the brown sugar scrub and ACV once a week.

A lot of people mention using oils on their dry scalps (and a lot of curlies apply oils to their ends to seal them). I've just applied jojoba oil w a couple of drops of tea tree to problem areas on my scalp.

My main question is:
- Now is it necessary to co-wash? I'm assuming that it needs to be removed so there's not buildup later, and that water alone won't do the trick. And is co-washing sufficient or should I add something to the conditioner?

When do curlies with seb. dermatitis or other scalp issues apply the oils? For how long? Where does that fit in with your routine, including brown sugar scrubs and ACV rinses?

Thanks so much...I'm still figuring it all out.
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Extras- wkly ACV, br sug scrub for scalp issues
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