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This is my first full autumn as a curly (second ish winter, I went CG in December of last year).

I am a unique case in that I live in San Francisco and our seasons aren't well defined, but I've found that when its cold and wet outside my hair loves GVP Conditioning Balm as a RO.

As far as deep conditioners, I don't really use them but tried out CJ Rehab and wasn't really impressed. I've been meaning to try out Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque, though there is mixed info out there about how it works for 3b hair.

For gels, I've been using EcoStyler Crystal which is OK, bot my favorite but pretty good. My absolute favorite is Herbal Essence Totally Twisted.

HTH, we use a lot of the same products.

Curl Style: 3b/3c
Texture: Fine
Porosity: Normal

Co-wash: Giovanni TTTT (my hair loves this)
RO: GVP CB or DevaCurl One Condition, occasionally with honey
Gel: Biotera Styling Gel, BioSilk RHG
Styling: AG Re:coil, CJ Beauticurls, Lube

Hair hates Aloe Vera & Avocado
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