Wow! Your hair is gorgeous! What is your routine? My hair only gets spiral curls at the bottom , how do you get it curly from the top all the way to the end?
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I know right!!! seriously your hair is like a tresemme hair model!

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Thank you both for your compliments! So sweet of you Honestly, the most life-changing discovery for me hair-wise was the Ouidad "rake and shake" method of putting product in my hair. Previously, I'd scrunch gel in my hair from the tip to the root...which I now realize was causing my hair to pouf out and frizz like crazy. The rake and shake changed all of that and the best part was, I didn't have to change products...just my application method (I don't use Ouidad products just because they're too expensive for me). If you're not familiar with the rake and shake, here's a how-to:

I should also mention that I've been getting Ouidad haircuts for the past few years. They have made a huge difference for me!