I love CJ, but unfortunately Aloe Fix isn't a product that works for me. I have more luck with the Aloe Fix Lite. The products I find the most similar to CEJ are:
- EWSAJ or Duchess of Curls (I find EWSAJ to be the same & cheaper)
- Silk Naturals Make Waves Curl Gel (I find this to be a curl enhancer rather than a gel)
- DM's Miracurl
- KC's Tiny Twists

None if them are exactly like CEJ, but they all work well on my hair. They have a similar consistency as CEJ. I'm really hoping that SS will open soon.
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Hi, Frizzbgone, since I'm new to these conversations, would you kindly tell me what does EWSAJ and UFD stand for? I LOVE CEK but not that they're gone, I'm trying to find substitutes. Duchess of Curls are also out of stock on their gel and so is Ohm Aloe Hair Gel. I'm feeling frustrated that these good gels are out of stock. I'm just wondering what's going on with these three. Thank you again for your help. -AUsomecurls
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I'm not FrizzBGone, but will answer your question.

EWSAJ=Essential Wholesale Simple Aloe Jelly. It's the base product (it has the exact same ingredients, in the same order) as the Duchess of Curl product. Only difference is the lavender EO. Forgot to add that it's significantly cheaper, LOL!

UFD=Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic. Originally, it was said to be a "clone" of KCCC. The ingredients are a little different.
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