I thought purple was one of those colors that looks good on everybody, but maybe that's because I like wearing purple too?

I always avoided yellows and oranges. Until last year, when DD found she didn't like a certain orange tunic her grandmother had bought her, so I took it. I get compliments on that shirt every time I wear it, so maybe I can wear orange, and should try some yellow, too! I wonder if it has something to do with the particular shade?

I kind of wish I had my colors 'done' back inthe 90s. Anyone else remember that?
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Yes, I remember! I learned how to do it too! I'm a true Winter. I cannot wear yellow, orange, off white around my face. But I do find that true, clear crisp white washes me out as well. I just don't wear white on top.

No pastels either. I like jewel tones.

I can wear some shades of coral, and I look best in purples and teals. Thank goodness, because those are my favorite colors!

Remember the book Color Me Beautiful from the 80s? According to that book, I'm a deep winter. I avoid yellow, brown, orange, gold and bronze worn near my face. I look good in colors with a blue undertone.

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Same here, but I can wear some deep brown tops.

I'm always envious of people wearing all the beautiful fall colors of orange, gold, etc. boohoo

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